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   20/07/2013 um 11:31
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  Sami (VIv6m3qZ0, 8o5X50J4EB)
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- Mind you this is an unsalvational issue, But, in enesig that, God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son, . . . . . . If there's several Calendar days of the year, that remind the Earth's people that the Father did send His Son, then good for the Calendar, the People, the Father, & His only begotten Son, Cause He would, that NONE would perish, but, all would have everlasting life . . . God would never hate an event, or day, that causes People world wide to acknowledge His own love He has for us . . . PS By the tone of your question, I'm surprised that you didn't end your question with Bah Hum Bug . . .
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