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Watercolour, Gouache and Ink.

Artist's Comment - September 2001

I have two subjects both linked inextricably -

The first being people; I find them most attractive to record when they are relaxed - sitting, talking, eating, walking, waiting, watching - This all takes place inside or outside some sort of building.

The backdrop of an old city like London or Rome is perfect. The endless layering of architectural styles and their juxtoposing continues to fascinate me-; One of the best ways to see them is on a bus, or on foot.

To convey the humour, humanity and spirit of the people and buildings is what matters to me.

About the Artist

Lucille Cranwell was born in Aukland, New Zealand. She arrived in London in 1983 and has lived and worked here ever since. She has exhibited in London, Franfurt,Damstadt, Aukland and Firenze.



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